About Us

With the number of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, platforms and applications rapidly expanding, investing in this new asset class can be daunting. Our team is stacked with advanced degrees and industry experience in the areas of blockchain, finance, communication, computing and data science. We use a combination of data streams–financial, on-chain and media–to help people and firms make smart investment decisions in the crypto space.

Our team has developed a robust approach to cryptocurrency investment we call the 3 C's: Computational, Capital and Culture.

  • Computational: Our proprietary algorithms inform us of the best time to buy and sell blockchain assets based on technical and historical data.
  • Capital: We employ a team of experienced traders with high-level expertise in traditional and crypto investments.
  • Cultural: We incorporate communication science practices, like social media sentiment analysis, to better inform our trading strategy.

N+1 Action is broken up into four corners which illustrate our 3 C investment strategy:

1. Algorithmic Trading Insights

N+1 Analytics’ proprietary algorithms use technical and historical information to trade crypto coins. Our algorithms monitor and analyze individual coin markets and on-chain data/metrics. We provide subscribers with signals that describe the best time to buy or sell crypto assets and what it means for your crypto portfolio.

2. Porfolio Insights

We explore various ways of constructing a crypto portfolio and track the performance of these portfolios. Our overall goal is to use AI and data analytics to construct portfolios that optimize exposure to high growth opportunities while minimizing downside risk.

3. Macro Insights

In this section, we discuss how changes in the macro environment shape crypto prices. We analyze factors such as Gross Domestic Product, Money Supply, Treasury and Corporate Interest Rates, Liquidity Flows, as well as price actions across major asset classes (.e.g, equity, commodities, bond, etc..).

4. Media Insights

The media shapes information flows and frames how we think about crypto. Our communication science team analyzes media such as Twitter, Google Trends and Wikipedia page views to understand the relationship between media and crypto price action, volatility and popularity.

N+1 Insights is a free, biweekly newsletter that features data-driven stories curated by our team of traders, communication scientists, and data scientists. By subscribing to N+1 Insights, you will remain up-to-date on the most important stories impacting the crypto market. Topics include macro economics, regulations, innovation, price models, crypto crime, breaking news among others.