🆕 Ethereum Dencun Coming March 13th

🆕 Ethereum Dencun Coming March 13th

In this edition, we explore Dymension, Ethereum Dencun, Kraken in the Netherlands and more.

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In collaboration with Shoal Research, this week’s technical feature will dive into Dymension.

What is it? Dymension 

Key Terms:

RollApp - Modular applications on Dymension that can interact with one another.

Celestia - Modular blockchain network with good Data Availability.

Data Availability (DA) - Refers to the capability network nodes have to download, store and verify transaction information.

What does it do? Dymension is a network that enables deployment of modular applications (RollApps) like games, DeFi, NFT projects and much more. These applications can interact and talk to each other and are considered to be L2’s. 

What does it mean? RollApps can harness the utility of other RollApps, making a modular ecosystem. Etheruem, Polkadot and Cosmos have similar architecture. However, with Dymension, the data availability (DA) layer can harness Celesita DA. The combination of these two is significant as Celestia DA allows better data availability while Dymension enables the execution and settlement of transactions. 

On a larger scale? Liquidity is oftentimes fragmented between chains, with RollApps, liquidity can be aggregated across applications. 

Why is it interesting? Unlike other chains, RollApps are standardized. This means they’re interoperable and can talk to one another. 

Who is its competitor? Ethereum, Polkadot and Cosmos.

How to get involved? The ticker for the coin is $DYM.

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Crypto News Recap

⛓️ Ethereum Dencun 

Last Wednesday, Dencun was successfully forked on the Holesky testnet. Following the implementation, developers announced the full network update will take place on March 13th. If accepted by the majority of the node operators, the Dencun update will change the Ethereum code, which is meant to improve scalability and reduce transaction costs on L2s.

🇳🇱 Kraken in the Netherlands   

On February 8th, the Dutch Central Bank granted Kraken a VASP registration. VASP, or virtual asset service providers, allows companies to offer services in the Netherlands. This is Kraken’s fourth licence that it has secured in Europe.

💰Cash Common in US Crime

In several 2024 reports published by the US Treasury, the organization identified cash as being a key tool used by criminals. According to the report: 

“Criminals use cash-based money laundering strategies in significant part because cash offers anonymity. They commonly use U.S. currency due to its wide acceptance and stability.”

The report highlights the role that cash continues to play in illicit activities, countering the common misconception that crypto is the main focus of criminals.

🌐 Abu Dhabi Global Market & Solana 

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is coming together with Solana to implement distributed ledger technology (DLT). ADGM signed a memorandum of understanding with Solana regarding the collaboration, which will follow the legal framework set out in ADGM’s DLT Foundations Regulations. ADGM CEO Hamad Al Mazrouei said: 

“We are excited to partner with Solana to pioneer the future of technology, and further enhance the level of knowledge in the space of blockchain by emphasising the value of regulation and compliance in ensuring robust and sustainable development.”

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